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Loga3D team is here to serve if you are looking for a reliable 3D printing service in Saigon. With “100% made-in-Vietnam 3D printers”, we are the pioneers in developing 3D printing solutions for product launch and creative agencies.

Rapid Prototyping

When it comes to new product development, trial and examination models on paper or screen are no longer enough. With rapid prototyping service, we bring your model to real life with the minimum cost and lead time possible so that you can physically touch and experience your products before making thousands of them. The process does not requires mold or hard tooling and will be done in ABS or PLA plastic, prototype can be delivered in 2 or 3 days depending on size and complexity of the model.

Low Volume Production

Creating prototypes and low-volume production components are virtually identical to injection molded parts but at a lower cost and shorter lead time. Cast Urethane technology are ideal for test prototypes, marketing samples, early-stage production parts and other applications where fewer than 100 pieces are needed. It’s only take three to seven days instead of weeks or months required for hard tooling. For more information about the Cast Urethane technology, click here to check out a short explanation video.


With 3D scanning and 3D printing technology, making realistic-looking figurines for your special occasions is no longer impossible. Whether it is a full body figurine or a portrait, our engineers and artists do their best to make things as lively as possible. Simply arrange 30 minutes off your busy schedule, we will come, scan and deliver your statue within 2 weeks. However, 3D scanning technology does not work well with reflective items, small details or transparent things such as jewelry, lace and button.


Even though 3D printing market remains small and unfamiliar to most Vietnamese businesses. More and more organizations are looking for this exciting technology.

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About US


  • 2012

    The First Prototype

    The idea kindled in 2012 when Giang, operations engineer, successfully assembled a machine based on instructions of RepRap project. The first prototype was made of wood and can only print objects that smaller than 20cmx20cmx15cm. Though it worked quite well, many weaknesses prevent the machine from functioning reliably.

  • 2013

    The Second Prototype

    Funded by many small printing orders from across Vietnam, the second prototype was finished with a number of improvements including body vibration and nozzle congestion. We also equipped a heating bed to improve object's attachment.

  • November 2014

    Top 3 winners at the 2014 VCCI’s Best Innovator Award

    Our two week effort was paid off. Lots of meetings, arguments and discussions to answer a simple question: what are the mission and direction of Loga3D? Even though nothing was clear, winning such a precious award was a great start.

  • December 2014

    The Third Prototype

    The moment we finished our third prototype would probably be the best moment of the year. Made all of aluminium and acrylic, the machine looked beautiful and friendly. It is definitely a desktop machine for everyone.

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We are just some nerds who love to make life easier with 3D printing technology

Giang Hoang

Operations Engineer

Long Nguyen

Materials Engineer

Tu Le

Marketing & Communications

We are proud to be one of the pioneers of 3D printing technology in Vietnam. If you are interested, join us now to help the community grow stronger and better.

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For more information or request, please drop a message below or call 0936 321 321 (Tu) . We will reply as soon as possible, that’s a promise.